Outdoors parquets

Some call it simply garden or balcony. We call it extension of your home.

Parquet lovers can now even enjoy the beauty of hardwood outdoors: all parts of the house are now open to parquet, which can seamlessly withstand moisture and the atmospheric elements.

The outdoors meets wood, creating an elegant, modern and practical habitat that our products alone are capable of making unique.

Outdoor flooring comes in two types: hardwood, wood-plastic composite.


  • Large planks employed on irregular surfaces and very large areas like gardens and swimming pools
  • Assembled Squares most suited to regular surfaces like terraces, patios and gazebos, although they are often used for pool sides.
  • As they absorb any substance and react to the particular and various climatic conditions, outdoor parquets require careful maintenance. SOLOPARQUET offers the best oils for outdoor furniture, which extend their lifetime and enhance their look. We also offer a PARQUET RENEWAL KIT, if the customer wants to restore the original splendour of the parquet.