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Do you need maintenance for your parquet flooring?

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SoloParquet offers you a vast line of products for professional maintenance, a range of products specifically designed for cleaning, protecting and renewing wooden  or hard surfaces.

In addition to these, other easy-to-use products are available to maintain flooring for private use. Whether the flooring is made of wood or tiles, it needs periodic maintenance and  specific and effective products to maintain its beauty in time.

With its long experience, SoloParquet recommends leading brands like Bona and Marbec, offering a solution for all your needs.

BONA, is a world leader in the production of laying and finishing materials, paints, oils and waxes. Thanks to its commitment towards the environment, it continually develops innovative products with a view to long term sustainability. It focuses its own attention not only on flooring in itself, but also on the environmental conditions of the professionals, private customers and owners of large equipped areas.

As the only Certified BONA company in Latium, we offer a series of treatments to make the parquet flooring of your business look brand new again:

BRONZE treatment:
Thorough cleaning and protection

The BRONZE treatment is an efficient system for obtaining astounding results and restoring the splendour of the parquet in an instant. This rapid renewal is particularly advantageous in renovation work, the flooring can be ready in half a day! This treatment effectively cleans the flooring deep down, thus removing even the most difficult dirt and the surface is ready to receive a new layer of protection, whether it be oil, oil-wax or varnish, as the need may be.

SILVER treatment:
Light sanding and re-varnishing

When paint on a floor surface has marks, light scratches and has lost its vitality, the SILVER treatment can effectively restore its beauty. It is an excellent alternative to complete restoration, keeping down the execution time and costs.

GOLD treatment:
Complete renovation and new surface

If the flooring is badly damaged or yellowed, is deeply scored and seems lifeless, GOLD treatment is recommended. This not only renews your parquet, but gives you the opportunity of changing and overhauling the look of wood surfaces, where you can thus fully express your style.